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Welcome to the age of reflective materials

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the age of reflective materials

Core Philosophy——

Talent resource first; Conduct first; Achievements first; Team first.
Talent resource is the first resource. We see people as our most important asset and equipped them with the excellent resources to help them achieve their value of life.
Virtue only comes first. We adhere to that conduct is higher than ability and emphasize that employee should have responsibility and moral bottom line. We refuse those who have not good conduct.
We regard practice and actual results as important. In Yeshili, ability is more important than education. If you work hard, you will have opportunities and good salary.
We stress the spirit of team work. A drop of water is small, and it will make great waves when it comes to sea; A soil is insignificant, and it will be a spectacle when it gets into a mountain. The power of the individual is weak but can success when he is in a excellent team and grow together.

Selection Philosophy——

We accept all people whether he is relative or not.
We select talents according to positions and everyone can be talent.
We put you in an important position if you have ability.
We appreciate your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

Talent Philosophy——

Employee will make good use of his ability on proper position. One should have responsibility and team working ability;
The sea accepts all the trickles, contributing to its depth; The mountain does not refuse fine earth, contributing to its height;
Talents are those who can work hard on proper position and make a performance;
Everyone is talent. We try our best to put every employee on proper position;
Character makes business and ability contributes to success;
We respect everyone’s difference and make good use of their strengths;
We respect everyone’s ability difference. Ability determines one’s position and contribution determines his value. Responsibility and power match interest;
One should have integrity, responsibility, embodying a kind of occupational spirit;
We attach importance to performance and advocate competition and refuse mediocrity, carrying forward the competitive culture;
We stress fact and fair and construct harmony, advocating justice culture;
One should stand out his ability and show himself and his value, pursuing value culture;
We respect for labour and encourage hardwork and repay your work, upholding sacrifice culture.

Cultivation Philosophy——

We encourage employees to innovate and study constantly on his position and grow up together.
Learning never stops. We should study constantly and improve continuously to make success. Everyone can become an expert on any position if he is willing to study and work hard.
Practice is the best teacher. You will grow fastly if you have responsibility and constantly think and are good at summary.
You will get what you pay and make success if you attach importance to the accumulation of knowlegement, ability and experience. One can not enjoy the success without hard work. One can not get good results without diligent study.
You will get a successful life if you join Yeshili and grow up with us!

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Welcome to the age of reflective materials

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Welcome to the age of reflective materials

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