Talent should follow the rules and uphold healthy tendencies

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——Honesty represents sincerity and integrity. Honesty is the foundation of setting and working for a human and the foundation of starting a business. A man without faith cannot achieve anything. All Yeshili’s staff should abide by integrity to customers and workmates. And Yeshili refuses those who are not honest. No matter how hard it is, whether you success or not, whether in and outside the industry, no matter how you treat yourself and others, you should always abide by integrity.

——Honesty also represents sureness. Yeshili’s staff should treat people honestly and work hard on their positions. Then they will feel happy during the work.

——Responsibility is the most important thing. Responsibility makes character. Responsibility promotes you to treat everything seriously. It is basic requirement for Yeshili people to be loyal to their carrer and keep their commitments.

——You should be careful and meticulous to your work, taking the skill of solving problems as the core of ability, paying much attention to details of everyday behavior and refusing hypocrisy. It is basic requirement for Yeshili people to go for perfect.

——You are also required to be good at thinking. You should have independent ability to think and have the courage to innovate.

——Team’s interest should be placed in the first place. Team spirit and cooperation ability are the essential qualities of modern professionals, which requires people should not only focus on their own work but cooperate with others and help each other.

——We should always pay much attention to efficiency,benefit and results. The results confirm the value. There is no trick during the work, only high efficiency allowed. We pay attention to the process, more to the results. The action is important than what you say.

Qality policy: Create value for customers wholeheartedly.

The customer is the source of the enterprise's wealth. Our development depends on customer. Only we grow with customers can we have a win-win result. We adhere to the concept that to create value for our clients is to create value for ourselves and so we do it in a consistent way.


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